Specialists in Alzheimers, Dementia, Frailcare, Multiple Sclerosis & Huntingtons Disease. We handle people who sight impaired and people who are disable due to an accident etc.


Chelsea Lane Care Centre

Registered private old age home, Chelsea Lane is a care centre for Frail People, Alzheimer sufferers as well people suffering from any other debilitating diseases. We also provide for patients recovering from illnesses and operations. We can take patients from 30years of age depending on diagnosis and are specialists in Alzheimers, Dementia, Frailcare, Multiple Sclerosis & Huntingtons Disease

Situated on a large property in Fairleads, Benoni,  the overall atmosphere is of living on a country estate with beautiful gardens, interesting birdlife and our resident pet dogs. Our sensory garden caters for the seeing impared.

We provide round the clock nursing care. All administering of medication, scripts, taking of bloods, dressings, etc; is handled by our qualified nursing staff. Daily living needs are seen to as in: showering, dressing, toileting, grooming, mobilising and eating. All accommodation is on ground level and is wheelchair friendly.

We regularly have a Sing-a-long where a local band visits and plays golden oldies for us. The residents get to play Bingo, cards, crosswords, puzzles, read, dancing and knitting (those who are still able to have knitted and we’ve donated the squares to various worthy causes). We also have multidenomination church services.

A qualified Chiropodist, hairdresser and physiotherapist visit the home on a weekly basis. These services are available and the cost is for the Resident’s account.

All meals are freshly prepared daily on the premises and are balanced, nutritious, tasty and varied. Tea, coffee and biscuits or cake is served during the day, and beside the three main meals of the day, sandwiches are provided just before bedtime and during the course of the night.